Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Generalist or Specialist?

This is just me musing for a moment. Nothing technical here. Move on if you were looking for the register code in a cisco router to tell it that on next boot you want it to go to normal mode but allow for Ctrl+Break to be pressed to jump to RomMon Mode at any time, even in User Mode (0x2002). As opposed to normal (0x2102), as opposed to setup mode (0x2142), or setup mode that allows for Ctrl+Break (0x2042).

The question is this. How much can I afford to gereralize? Technologies grow more and more complex, even as their ease of use gets simpler and simpler. For the end user, they log on once and have access to their defined "world" with ease. But for the technology specialist, there is so much work to create that "world". Is it better to have just a few specialties, preferably related, or to understand the holistic view? It seems that only managers can afford to have the broad view anymore.   Let me know what you think via this poll: and your comments!

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